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Pastor & First Lady


The marriage ministry of Word of Life Apostolic Center focuses on building stronger, loving marital relationships, by teaching couples how to possess the characteristics of 1 Corinthians 13.  God created marriage, and the scripture describes it as

honorable.  God intended that we enjoys the blessings and satisfactions of marriage.


This ministry's objectives aim to:

  • Prevent divorces and broken families.

  • Rescue marriages from the prision of loneliness and hopelessness.

  • Teach husbands how to love their wives and treat them with tenderness and respect (Colossians 3:19,21).

  • Teach wives how to honor their husbands and love their children (Titus3:4).


Our marriage seminars provide couples with:

  • Freedom  to discuss fears and dreams

  • A forum to express themselves openly.  Couples will hear and understand what the other is sayig on a variety of subjects, without fear of rejection or being put down.

  • Conflict resolutions skills.

  • Ways to strengthen the marriage.


A long lasting loving relationship will occur if married couples allow the word of God to become the standard for  their relationships.

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