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Nerrick A.Chung-Ying


Developing standards, preparing programs, offering classes, teaching Christian education, publishing material, and training people for pastoral ministry and other church vocations. 


The Department of Christian Education provides educational training and development for prospective leaders in a variety of ministry positions at Word of Life Apostolic Center, Inc, (WOLAC). This department is also responsible for the supervision, coordination and promotion of curriculum and training materials utilized by other departments and programs in the local assembly, namely, Sunday School, Youth Seminars and Workshops, Ministerial training, and specialized Family and development seminars and workshops, Home Work assistance center, Home Bible Studies, and New Members classes




1.    To provide support for the Youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, families, and others engaged in faith formation at every age level is the mission and focus of this department. 

  • Provides consulting services in areas of Curriculum Development, Special Education needs and other related areas of education and training.

  • Biblical study units consisting of age-leveled lesson plans and activities Workshops for church school teachers and staff. 

  • Training in the use of the apostolic-based curriculum.

  • Articles offering timely educational information published in the official journals.

  • Review and recommendation of educational resources and the production of resources for use in the local assembly. 


2. To offer a solid blend of training, best practice and theory for persons preparing for ministry as Ministers, Christian educators, Youth Leaders, and church and community workers. It prepares persons for work in the ministry of the local church.


3.  To offer Ministerial training that will guarantee a level of competency in theory and practice include;

      i.      sound orientation for ministry, certification, and licensing; 

      ii.     critical appreciation and knowledge of the Bible, theology, and                   Christian education theory; 

      iii.    a working knowledge of human and faith development; 

      iv.    teaching-learning skills sharpened in local church and mission                    settings.


Within this training, one may choose to earn a letter of endorsement for specialization in childrens ministry, youth ministry, family ministry, community outreach, evangelism, or ministerial leadership.  


We have different ministries to address the needs of the community at hand, and desire all our members here at WOLAC to develop and have a well-rounded understanding of what the Apostolic Doctrine is in biblical context and history. Our ultimate goal in the Department of Christian Education is to help each and every individual develop a closer relationship with God.


As disciples, we must continue to grow in Christ. We need to be refueled with the Word of God on a regular basis. 

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